About a week ago I was in Norway siting in a van bored out of my mind. Not only was I mildly depressed because my trip to see my boyfriend was quickly coming to an end, but also on top of that there was no wifi. So I sat in the van until I told my boyfriend that I would re-read a book I had already read twice in two months. He (rightfully) told me I was being ridiculous and I should write something instead.
Immediately I remembered these pictures on my computer when I was young and Windows 7 was still impressive, and I remember how frustrated I was because these pictures inspired something literary in me, but I wasn’t good enough at writing to capture how they made me feel, and I wasn’t skilled enough to write the background that I felt these pictures deserved. So I put them in the back of my mind for grown-up me to contend with. And now that I am a grown-up, I am contending with them.

Sky Turtle

The majestic turtle swims through the sky, parting the air with massive flippers.
Her movements are easy and graceful, steady and careful, for on her shell, she carries an entire city.
The city is inhabited by all types of creatures.
Each have built their own homes, and oh what spectacular homes.
A house in the center is modeled after a tiered cake.
A house on the edge has a giant Eastern dragon protruding from the western wall.
And another house looks like a large and very yellow watering can.
But the most impressive thing is the castle in the city. It is the tallest building, and houses hundreds of small citizens.
Up high, in the tallest tower, there is a powerful light.
Its multicolored rays shine in every direction, accompanying the turtle and the town.
And ensuring that if darkness comes, it’s never there to stay.