A few days ago I posted some writing that was based off Windows 7 wallpapers. I wrote those three while I was stuck in a van in Norway, but I didn’t entirely finish writing about amazing Windows 7 wallpaper. I didn’t have time/was too lazy to find time to write about this amazing picture. It’s the last one in this series. I write it in my home in Mexico while procrastinating making breakfast. I hope you enjoy!

Il santo volo de Mercurio

He had always been fascinated with clouds.
Ever since his childhood, he would go outside, crane his neck upwards, look at his friends, and swear that he would one day join them.
Many years of trying passed. He would construct machinery, head to the top of the highest building in his small town, and jump, only to plummet to the earth a few seconds later.
The people in the town all knew of him. The first few times Mercurio announced he was going to fly, the entire town and people from the neighboring villages came to witness the miracle of human flight. But after so man failures, eventually the people from the other villages stopped coming, then people from his own town, until the only ones left were those who came for morbid entertainment from Mercurio’s failures and injuries.
Of course, Mercurio knew this, and the pain after every failure became internal as well as external when he heard the jeers and sarcastic cheers. But he wiped away his tears, craned his neck upwards, looked at his friends, and swore he would one day join them.
There came a day, when Mercurio was lying on his ceiling looking at the sky, that a bird flew above him, and a large white feather fell from her wing. Mercurio watched with fascination as the feather drifted down, and when it hit the floor, he got an idea.
He stood at the town square on Sunday, next to the fountain and completely alone. He wore a suit the color of the sky, with puffy white patches scattered around, and he nervously clutched two giant white feathers.
Four birds landed next to him and pecked at the floor and drank from the fountain, then watched him with interest when they were done. Mercurio nodded silently and gratefully at them, then he jumped.
As the church bells rang with sonorous joy, Mercurio rose, with grace and beauty pure. A few birds followed him, rapt in his ascension.
Every second took him farther and farther from the ground, closer and closer to the sky. Until he no longer had to crane his neck and look upwards to tell his friends he would be there soon.