Now obviously this election is a mess. I don’t think anyone needs to read this to figure it out. America has to pick between a corrupt liar who has no morals that don’t relate to money, and a racist demagogue who has a trigger happy tiny hand.

As a Mexican-American, I have a lot of feelings about this election. As a millennial I have a lot of feelings about this election. Donald Trump is insistent on keeping my family, my hardworking, kind, Christian family out of America.
Hillary Clinton is insistent on letting my family, my l0ving, persevering, intelligent family in. (As long as that’s what the donors want, if they change their minds, my family has to go.)
But maybe, for once I don’t identify more as a Mexican-American. For once I identify more with my age group. Millennials. And I know we get a ton of shit for being “self-absorbed” and “lazy” and “we won’t buy diamonds” but honestly, that’s a topic for another article. I know we get a lot of shit, but whether adults like it or not, we’re going to be running the country after they’re gone, and now, we might be deciding the election (Hillary is certainly pandering a lot to my age group). So here’s what I have to say, first as a millennial, then as a Mexican-American.

First of all: How the fuck dare you all? All you forty through sixty year-olds complaining about us how we’re going to ruin this country. How the fuck dare you? You’re complaining about us ruining this country? You’re complaining about us not believing or getting involved in politics? Look at who you stuck us with. How can you possibly ask me to get in line and vote for a woman who had the election rigged in her favor? How can you ask me to let such insidious corruption into the country? And at the same time, how can you possibly ask me to vote for an orange demagogue who supports incest and is also mind-blowingly stupid? You do realize that you cannot stand with your hands on your hips like saggy vases and complain that I’m ruining the country when you give me no other choice but to ruin the country, right?

Second of all: How the fuck dare you all? All you forty through sixty year-old democrats at the DNC? I believed in you! I was so excited when I got to register as a democrat in the republican wastelands of Arizona. I was proud to be blue. I wanted so badly to vote for you in the elections! Then emails leak and revealed that at sinful best, you lightly favored a candidate over the other, at probable worst, you flat-out rigged an election. I can say many things about the republicans, but at least they are not so flagrantly corrupt, and I will add this: It’s much easier to reverse abortion laws, or LGBT rights laws than it is to reverse corruption. To reverse the idiotic republican laws, you need a congress majority, which can be attained if democratic voters pay more attention to who they are electing as state representatives. As many developing countries can tell you (since I live in one of them just let me go ahead and assure you) corruption is nowhere near as easy to get rid of. If getting congress to agree on something sounds impossible, let me tell you that getting rid of corruption is impossible squared. By definition, it is something that is not supposed to go away. Laws come and go, they change, corruption? Not so much.
So democrats, you leave me with the tasty option of voting for a man who will ruin this country by allowing his vice president to pass laws that might set us back at least half a century, or bringing a healthy dose of corruption to the country, which will stay in it for far more than “at least half a century.”

Third of all: I’m going to stop being angry, and instead get sad. Get incredibly, unbelievably sad. Because honestly, I expected better from you, America. I lived in America for eighteen out of my twenty years, I made friends there, I had my first kiss there, for eighteen out of twenty years, I had to make it my home. I never considered it a very kind country, nor one that valued hard-work and everything that it preaches, and I knew it was a racist country, but I never realized just how racist it was. My parents taught me that you always stick with Americans. They got mad at me when I had a Mexican boyfriend, and now that I have a Swedish boyfriend. They are racist, so I knew that America must on some level also share that sentiment, but this election really showed America’s true colors. No matter what anyone says, to me it’ll never erase, or minimize the shock when I realized that so many (mostly older) people were throwing their support behind a man who called my family rapists. Fun fact, I was raped once, and it was by a white American. But of course, that doesn’t matter. All that matters is that a ridiculously huge portion of the country is willing to turn a blind eye to his awful crime just because his skin isn’t dark enough. I knew America was racist, but finding out that so many people share Trumps values… that’s entirely different. And you know what? I’m thankful. Thank you for showing me who you really are, America. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.

Fourth, and last: Michelle Obama gave a truly wonderful speech at the DNC. She told us America was great. After the Orlando shootings, there were giant lines curling around blocks full of people waiting to give blood. Obviously, obviously, not everyone in America is a racist dick. Saying all of America is a racist dick because a (far too huge) portion of the population support Trump is kind of like saying that all Muslims are terrorists because of the terror attacks in Paris. It’s not true and in itself is racist. So I’m not going to say that, but I’m going to say this.
You cannot deny that this country has shown its ugly side. It’s a side not shared by all, but it’s a side shared by enough people to make this man’s candidacy a real future. And you know what? America will answer for that eventually. Because a country can not be so closed minded and not accept the consequences of its bigotry.
I will also say that this (mind-bogglingly and regrettably) is not a clear choice. At least it shouldn’t be, because if you let the racist deflated basketball be president, you set the country back a few years, and all our incredible progress these past decades will be flushed down the republican drain. On the other hand, if you elect the woman devoid of any morals, you elect a woman devoid of any morals, and you elect someone who will change their position based on money, and someone who had an election rigged in her favor, which is something typically reserved for dictators like Vladimir Putin. You let in corruption, and while that doesn’t erase any of our future progress, it severely hinders any future progress our country might make, and it should be taken waaaaay more seriously than it is being taken.

So please, America. I cannot tell you what is the right choice. To be honest, I’m not even sure myself. There is definitely something wrong with voting for someone so corrupt that they lied about her emails to the FBI, threatened national security, and then mysteriously and magically didn’t get indicted, but there is also something wrong with voting for someone who called Mexicans rapists, denigrated a family who lost their son in the military, and clearly has less than zero respect for women.

Everyone is watching you America. Like they’re watching two trains speeding uncontrollably and irreversibly towards each other. It’s impossible to look away, because the explosion won’t just shock the country, it’ll shock the world. So please, please let luck be on our side when we pick the president. It’s clear god abandoned us long ago.