It’s crazy how intrusive thoughts can ruin your life. They pop in suddenly, invading you when you’re most vulnerable and attacking where it hurts the most. Those thoughts go where you didn’t know thoughts could go. They make you think things that you feel no good human should think.

The thing about intrusive thoughts is that you’re never safe. They will come in the night when you’re alone, in the day when you’re with your friends. They don’t just stay inside you either. Sometimes you voice them to try and explain to your family how you feel. Sometimes the thoughts guilt you into telling your boyfriend or girlfriend how you have been thinking lately.

And sometimes, if you’re lucky, they will stick by you, and help you. Most of the times…

If you have these thoughts, I want to reach out to you. You’re not alone, I know this for a fact because I stand with you on this. I also have these thoughts, and while I’m privileged enough to be able to have little green pills that greatly alleviate these thoughts, I know that some people aren’t so lucky.

Those pills are a blessed miracle of science. They keep me and my thoughts in check, they stabilize me, and by extension my relationships. They save my life.

But a lot of people don’t have those life-saving pills.

So if you have that problem, or any mental illness, I need you to know you’re not alone. You can survive this, you are strong, and I love you. Take care out there in the world. You might feel weak now, but the world spins at around 800 kilometers per hour. You’re bound to be on top one day

I believe in you.