I know I haven’t written in a while. Things have been hard. Emotionally, physically, financially… Basically everything that can go wrong has gone wrong. When things like this happen, it’s easy to think there’s no one out there who protects you, or defends you. It’s easy to give up hope and revert to suicidal thoughts. But today I realized that even if everyone abandons me, even if they stop responding to my messages, or tell me they don’t want to hear me complain, there is one person who tirelessly defends me from true evil. And it’s because of him that I’m writing this.

Ever since I moved to Mexico I noticed this guy who lives not to far away from me. His skin is a lovely shade of brown, but it’s dry and caked with dirt. His black hair is wild like his eyes, and the army-green trench coat he wears no matter the weather has plenty of holes in it. He always hangs around the corner of the OXXO convenience store, and I’ve only seen him do two things.
He either boxes at the air (with impressive skill). Or he holds a bundle of clothes wrapped in a blanket and comforts it by rocking it back and forth and humming to it.

One day, my grandmother decided to go up to him while he was boxing and ask him what he was doing. He turned and said/screamed, “I’m defending you! I’m defending my son! From the aliens! They want to kill us all. And they’ll probably kill me too, but I’m going to go down fighting. I’m going to kill every single one of them to make sure everyone is safe. Especially my son! I love my son! And I want everyone to be safe from the bad aliens!”

And maybe it’s just that I’m a particularly sentimental person, maybe it’s that I find myself in such a vulnerable position, maybe it’s a combination of both, but this man’s answer touched me. Such kindness and unconditional defense from a complete stranger gave me the strength to reach up out of the hole I’m in, dig my nails into the wall, and pull myself up, little by little. It made me realize I’m not alone. Someone is out there protecting me. And yes, he’s a mentally unsound man who boxes air in front of a convenience store, but he’s still a person.

I’m writing again, I cleaned my room, I’m staying hydrated and practicing Swedish. We all have our evil aliens to fight. Having an ally makes all the difference.
I can’t thank you enough, nameless hero. Thank you for protecting my life. I’ll be sure to make something amazing with it.