Oh my darling. My sweet summer love. I miss how the sun shines in your golden hair and how it lights your eyes. I miss and long for your rough hands and soft lips, and sometimes, if I focus, I can feel your arms around my waist. 

You’d think this makes me happy, and I suppose it does, but it makes me miss you all the more. When will you come back to the city? When will you return from the sea? I must believe I will see you again. If I were to know something happened to you, I don’t think I could…

Well, I won’t think about that. 

There is no way my pigeon could know where you are, and how to reach you. But I’m sending it anyway, on the off chance that you will get this letter. If you do, I want to tell you I love you, that I think about you every day, and that these kicks in my tummy tell me I’m not the only one excited to see you. 

-All my love