I understand that it’s a common belief that the only way to ascend is to “climb a ladder” stepping on other people as rungs to get to the top. And to a certain extent, I agree with that ideology. After all, CEOs “climb the corporate ladder” beating out people, taking away their chances of getting a promotion by taking it themselves (not everyone can be in charge of the company.) And that’s the way it should be. For the good of the company, it should be headed by one, extremely capable person.

However for other things, this ideology quickly turns disastrous. I’m writing this in light of the… truly disgusting shitshow that America has put itself and the rest of the world through by electing a thin-skinned “short fingered vulgarian,” because I don’t really think he gets this, America has a history of failed interventionism. The whole, “step on people from other countries to enrich America” has worked before, but as time goes by, it works less and less, and now there is an unhinged president elect who can send nukes at the touch of a button (it really is that simple) and who has a penchant for war and a disdain for tactful foreign relations. War usually leaves things worse off than they were before. And back in the day (including as of this post I suppose) war was devastating yes, but not world-ending. Now with nuclear weapons proliferating, shit can get real and fast.

So what else can we do? If mutually assured destruction doesn’t work, and neither do wars, how else are we supposed to enrich our country and at the same time make sure we don’t get fatally attacked?

The answer is going to be frustratingly slow, and frustratingly… frustrating. But I truly believe that it’s diplomacy.

I understand that diplomacy between countries doesn’t always work, but hear me out for a second. If instead of threatening our enemies, we respond with diplomacy, we restore relations with what is now our second biggest trading partner. We also help a country’s economy while promoting nuclear safety. One of the biggest plus sides to diplomacy is that most of the time, every one can have their cake and eat it too, with no deaths, and no incredible bill after the war.

Here’s where that whole, “It doesn’t always work” comes back around. It’s true. Some people are just beyond reasoning with, that’s when action needs to be taken. Tariffs, sanctions, taxes, all of those can be placed and lifted with minimal (if any) human losses. Any leader on the global stage with a shred of self-preservation instinct will react, and then negotiations can begin.

Of course, it’s not as simple as all that. Not yet anyway. For the entire world to come together and be united, many many centuries must pass, certainly beyond my lifetime and the lifetime of my great grandchildren. There will always be those who want to destabilize and bring chaos and war, but we should head for the direction of peace.
History has shown us that wars are useless lately, and when wars stop becoming useless, they start to get nuclear. I feel very strongly that we must prevent that at all costs.
We won’t act perfectly at first, and it won’t be easy, (nothing worthwhile ever is) but we have to move forward with it if we want to succeed. Hell, we have to move forward with it if we want to live.