She was gorgeous.

Her delicate body underneath the translucent white dress, her graceful movements across the stage. Everything about her was breathtaking. She leapt and twirled on the stage to the weeping violins, and I stood at the entrance of the empty theater, completely captivated.
The violins slowly wound down, and she bowed to the imaginary audience.

I clenched my fist and took a deep breath. Slowly, my lead feet moved, one in front of the other. The music started up again, and I felt my heart slamming into my rib cage.
I stopped at the stairway. She was dancing again, so beautifully that it made me smile in spite of my anxious paralysis.

I breathed in deeply again, and took a step, then another, and another, until I felt the cold glaring lights of the stage on me. I barely had time to breathe before her gently inquisitive gaze met my wild and terrified eyes.
I had had an entire speech planned out for her. Something beautiful and majestic and pure, but now under the lights, I felt naked, entirely vulnerable, and I completely forgot what I wanted to say.
My heart hammered inside my chest, and I nervously, but firmly, held my hand out and hoped for the best.