The news droned on in the background. She stared straight ahead, an empty shell of a woman. Long black hair tangled around her shoulders, blue eyes numb, and glazed over. She hadn’t slept well yesterday. She hadn’t slept well for months. She took a long look at the room she was in, then left her bed, opened the door, and walked out into the house.

The floor was cold under her bare feet. All the lights were off. She made her way from the hall, to the dining room, and then to the kitchen.

The oven sat in the corner. That disgusting silver beast. Her hand reached out, and turned the knob. Gas slowly entered the dark chamber. The towels and tape that decorated the kitchen were all dark. Perfect. It would be better that way. She opened the oven and gently put her head inside. She hadn’t slept in ages anyway.

Don’t give up. Ever.