All over Facebook, Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, and other forms of social media, I’ve seen something that I’ll call, “The Trump resistance.” It’s a phenomenon comprised of silly or serious posts denouncing Trump and exposing his silly and dangerous ideas,  ad hominem attacks (however accurate or well-deserved they may be) and, of course, #notmypresident.

But for all these posts announcing proud and unyielding resistance to the president of America, I’ve come to assume that these people are largely talking out their ass. I mean, nothing has changed, has it? He’s still the president, he’s still implementing fascist laws, and he’s still surrounded by backwards people, including (but not limited to) a person who has considerable allegations of racist behavior and a known wife-beater and anti-Semite.

So… what exactly has your “resistance” gotten you?


Alright now let’s get serious. This is a gigantic deal. So far, the first two weeks of the presidency have been mired  in  controversy, and have demonstrated sickening incompetence, and the shadiness surrounding the white house phone call with Putin is arguably treasonous.

So this is something that calls for resistance. It’s not like… oh I don’t know… he had the audacity to wear a tan suit or something. However for all these ridiculous and dangerous messes, what have we done? Really?

If you live in America, I’m going to talk to you directly. Do you know who represents you in the senate? How about the house of representatives? Do you call them, or email them, or send them letters, or request meetings with them on a regular basis?
Or do you just post things on Twitter, hashtag them #notmypresident and call it a day?
Are you registered to vote? Is your uncle? Your cousin? Your sister, your brother, your mother or father? Is your neighborhood?

This is where things get uncomfortable, because I have news, resistances are never comfortable. Resistances mean waking up early to canvas your neighborhood and register people to vote. It means getting involved in local politics and getting your friends and family involved as well. It means… well… actually resisting. If you see your country falling to shit, and yet you can’t be assed to do something other than tweet, then you’re no resistor, you’re no better than the president himself.