This poem was written December 06th 2012. I’ve made some minor stylistic changes to it, but the majority (and certainly the message) remains unchanged.


A couple of lessons, my girl, that you must know,
before on your journey to womanhood you go.

Everything is not always as it seems,
though like the brightest gold it gleams.
While it may look nice and sweet from afar,
it may be a knife and leave you a scar.

Many boys will try to impress,
only wanting to watch you undress.
Respect yourself, and be sure you are steady,
before you tell them that yes, you are ready.

If someone broke your heart and your tears have no end,
have hope, my sweet, your wounds time will mend.
And if to your friends you were kind and were good,
they’ll be there for you like friends always should.

Be wary, my doll, of wild behavior,
though at first sex and drugs will seem like your savior.
You’ll only get problems and trials to face,
and none of that promised and much needed grace.


You might find this all a bit depressing, and you could be right,
but it’s not all so bad, for dark there is light.
Give faith, hope, compassion, and be steadfast and caring,
and you’ll find love capable of all things repairing.