She’s very tall, taller than me, and oh so vain. She’s got brown eyes which she uses to stare at herself in the mirror, and pink lips which she uses to blow kisses at her reflection. And she’s mine. All mine.

Her hands are soft, and serve a myriad of purposes: pleasing me in bed, kneading dough for today’s dinner, flipping through pages of her manuscripts and tossing out 60% of them. They’re also small, which is nice, because my own hands aren’t very big, so when I take her hands, whether it’s to hold them while we walk, or to stop them from accidentally hitting something while she talks, they fit very nicely in mine.

She has the most beautiful nose, which I know is something strange to compliment, maybe it’s just because mine is crooked (even if she says it’s not) so I’m a bit sensitive to noses. Her nose is like a little button, nice and round, not at all pointy like mine is.

Her cheeks are round, and naturally pink, though she insists on using that little bar of blush, and speaking of bars…

Lately she’s been obsessed with baths, which is unfortunate, because our apartment only has a shower. She’s been going on and on about buying a loofah, buying better kinds of soap, buying the liquid kind, the foamy kind, the bar kind… So far I’ve gotten her to settle for a bar of soap that has a sailor on the packaging. I convinced her it was Håkan Hellström themed. It seems like she bought it.

Her voice is small, and high pitched. When she calls on the phone, sometimes it’s indistinguishable from our 3 year-old’s voice. It’s absolutely lovely though, because when she’s excited and starts waving her hands, it gets at a pitch only dogs can hear, but when she’s gotten away with eating an extra slice of cake, it’s like a supervillain has possessed her body and is laughing from beyond. And there’s one more thing… I love her, and I love making her happy just because, but occasionally I’ll actively try to make her happy, because sometimes in those moments when she’s happy, she’ll reward everyone within hearing distance with a song. In her native Spanish, in English, in slightly offbeat Swedish, in the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.

Her legs are long, her feet are small, and she walks very slowly. But maybe that’s for the best. Because with her, I want to take my time.